Introducing the Soil Health Demo Trials.

We're very pleased to share that the Soil Health Demonstration Trials are moving forward! These Trials began as a provision in the Farm Bill which a strong coalition of NGOs, farmers, businesses, and soil scientists worked to support.

Overseen by the NRCS-Conservation Innovation Grants division, up to $10 million annually will be dedicated to the Soil Health Demo Trials (from a pot of $25 million annually for “On-Farm Trials”), to incentivize and reward improved soil health!


🌾 Learn more about the trials and find out if you're eligible to apply.

🌾 Review the webinar led by NRCS-CIG, including the Q&A session (or download a hard-copy of the webinar presentation).

🌾 Familiarize yourself with the types of soil health indicators and assessments applicants will be expected to use in the NRCS Soil Health Technical Note on Recommended Soil Health Indicators and Associated Laboratory Procedures.

🌾 Thinking of applying? Read the On-Farm Trials funding announcement in detail. The deadline is July 15th.

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Land Core Recommendations

An outcomes-based approach to soil health is the key to connecting farmers and ranchers to a range of economic incentives that propel soil health practices. Yet gaps remain in establishing a consistent soil sampling methodology and lab calibration protocol that will ensure the data collected is reliable and interoperable, and can ladder up to create change at scale.

Review the memo of recommendations recently prepared by Land Core and submitted to NRCS-CIG regarding the implementation of the On-Farm Trials and Soil Health Demo Trials.

The memo was prepared with the technical advice and support of our partners at Soil Life Services LLC, informed by their work at UC Davis.